There’s no place like Oak Knoll. And there never will be again.

Like every place that speaks to your soul, Oak Knoll begins with the land. Serene. Majestic. Inviting. Uplifting. A 167-acre sanctuary where you can walk, bike, run, play and focus on the pursuits—and the people—you love most.

Tucked away in the heart of Oakland Hills where the city hustle is happily replaced by golden hills of native oaks, a whole new community is capturing a way of life that’s hard to find. One where classic neighborhoods are knitted into the landscape. Miles of planned paths lead to wide-open wonder. Two village hubs—one new, one historic—hum with urban spirit and sociability. And every moment celebrates the true meaning of getting away.

With great care and stewardship, Oak Knoll is taking shape. Welcoming nature-loving locals and newcomers to a sunny haven that you can call home.

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