Oak Knoll Creekside Entry Park

The two-acre Creekside Entry Park is at the primary entrance to the Oak Knoll Community, between Mountain Boulevard, Creekside Parkway and Rifle Range Creek. The new park will adjoin the restored creek and will be landscaped with native California vegetation. Renowned sculptor Yoshikawa Wright was awarded the commission to create permanent art inspired by the experiences of those who practiced healing arts at the Naval Medical Center.

Yoshikawa Wright, Artist

Artist: Yoshikawa Wright

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Wright apprenticed as a stone sculptor in the stone quarries of Shodoshima, Japan. He has received numerous national sculpture awards and is known for several high-profile works of art including the Memorial Arch for the Los Angeles Fallen Firefighters Memorial, large travertine water walls for the five-star Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, and water sculptures for Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in Beverly Hills and his Chinois restaurant in Las Vegas.

Overall Concept for Oak Knoll Creekside Entry Park

In order to make the path through the park visually dynamic, earth berms (mounds) are being created. The overall feel is a sensual undulating landscape. The berms will vary in size, shape and height. Some of the berms will be grass-covered. Others will be planted with native plants and flowers to give a sense of regional environment.

Creekside Park Artwork

Another important purpose for the berms is to mitigate some of the sound from the nearby highway and to provide visual separation for park guests. The berms, in orchestration with plants, shrubs and trees, will give shape to three distinct ‘cul-de-sacs’ which present the key works of sculpture.

Creekside Park Artwork

The first ‘cul-de-sac’ as you enter from Creekside Parkway will feature a fourteen-foot granite sculptural table with seating elements. The emphasis is on its sculptural appearance but it can also function as a table or an object of exploration. The puzzle-shape table top is anchored on both ends by basalt boulders.

Creekside Park Artwork

The second ‘cul-de-sac’ is created with decomposed granite and grassy mounds. Two nine-foot sculptural benches with a puzzle motif are located in this area. One is located on the decomposed granite and the other on a grassy berm.

Creekside Park Artwork

The third ‘cul-de-sac’ culminates with a granite stone sculpture. This sculpture is composed of two interlocking puzzle pieces which are a metaphor for the park theme of connections, union and relationships. It is through connections and relationships that we are made whole. This process results in understanding and thus the sculpture is called ‘Universal Solvent’.

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