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Public Art Master Plan

City of Oakland Public Art Ordinance: In 1989 the City of Oakland adopted a Percent for Public Art Ordinance for publicly funded projects. In 2014 the Oakland City Council amended the Public Art Ordinance to include privately funded residential (20 or more units) and commercial (2,000 or more square feet) projects. In January 2015 the amended ordinance became effective.

Public Art at Oak Knoll

SunCal recognizes the value of public art and embraces the objectives of this ordinance. The Bay Area is home to a world-class arts and design community, with Oakland serving as its epicenter. It is our goal to engage this community to help us create a sense of place, a focal point and a destination—all of which will contribute to the identity of the Oak Knoll community.

In addition, it is our goal to involve the arts community as early in the planning stage as possible so that the selected artists or artist teams can develop proposals and designs that will be seamlessly integrated into the larger Oak Knoll community plans.

SunCal will be going to great lengths to create an environment that embraces a native California landscape. Native specimen trees that exist on site will be saved and replanted once the new infrastructure has been installed. In addition, the Rifle Range Creek riparian corridor will also be restored and landscaped with native species. Public art projects situated in this environment must reflect and respect the landscape.

Selection Process

SunCal is interested in seeking the largest pool of qualified artists or artist teams as possible. Therefore, we will be employing the request for qualifications (RFQ) call for entry and selection-panel process.

RFQ calls with site and budget details will be posted in the design phase so that artists can work with the architects and engineers to incorporate their concepts into the construction documents.

Call for entries, for each project below, will be posted online, as well as through Bay Area arts organizations and mailings. A selection panel comprised of art professionals, community stakeholders and SunCal representatives will choose three finalists from the pool of applicants. Artistic excellence, innovation, and creativity expressed in past work, as well as professional experience, will be evaluated by the panel. The three finalists will be paid an honorarium to complete a proposal. The panel will reconvene to select a finalist based on the proposals. The selection panel finalist will be submitted to SunCal for final approval.


By engaging artists during the planning phase of development, SunCal will work in a collaborative manner to ensure that the artist-provided engineering and/or design essentials are embedded in the development construction documents. Furthermore, in an effort to maximize the art budget, SunCal will be seeking contractor bids that include any public art infrastructure requirements.

The commissioned budgets will include all fees and costs for design, studio overhead, professional services, materials, fabrication, site preparation, transportation, installation, Oakland business license, insurance and any necessary permits.

The above responsibilities are an outline and will be further detailed during contract negotiations.


The Oak Knoll community will be developed in phases. Anticipated to begin in the spring of 2017 will be grading, major utilities, creek restoration and roadways. The first phase of development will include the neighborhood commercial center, the community center and surrounding townhouses. It is at the conclusion of this phase (spring 2019) that most of the public art will be installed.

Public Art Project and Site Summary

Creekside Entry Park

The two-acre triangular park bordered by Rifle Range Creek, Mountain Boulevard and Creekside Parkway will be landscaped with a native California palette. The charge will be to create public art that is inspired by the experiences of those who practiced healing arts at the Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center during its fifty-year history. Personnel there pioneered medical advances from prosthesis design to pediatric care. The art may be composed of landscape, hardscape and three-dimensional form. Artists must work with SunCal landscape architects to ensure that the art is integrated into the park plan.

Artist applicants or team of artists must reside in California. Oakland artists are encouraged to respond to this call for entries.

Public Amenities

Six bicycle racks and six benches will be located throughout the development site. Artists will be responsible for design, materials, fabrication and installation of these utilitarian, yet sculptural fixtures. Four of the benches will be located in a pocket park and could be viewed as a composition. Unique design for all twelve fixtures is encouraged. Materials are to be powder-coated steel.

Artist applicants or team of artists must reside in the city of Oakland.

Rifle Range Creek Bridge

Located at the intersection of Creekside Parkway and Creekside Loop, the bridge serves as the primary multipurpose access to a majority of Oak Knoll housing. In addition, the bridge will be encountered by pedestrians enjoying the riparian setting of Rifle Range Creek. The design must exhibit strengths from a variety of perspectives and be sensitive to the natural setting. Artists will be responsible for the design, materials, fabrication and installation of art at the approaches to the bridge. Materials selected must be appropriate for a high-use environment, weather resistant, and low maintenance.

Artist applicants or team of artists must reside in the nine Bay Area counties. Oakland artists are encouraged to respond to this call for entries.

Village Center Plaza

Artists will be responsible for the design, fabrication and installation of public art at the retail plaza. The site is approximately 5000 square feet. The plaza must remain open space for community events, and the selected finalists will be encouraged to design art that either resides overhead or is incorporated into the hardscape. Artists must work with the commercial architect and commercial developer to ensure that art is integrated into the plaza plan. All materials must be durable, weather resistant and low maintenance.

Artist applicants or team of artists must reside in the nine Bay Area counties. Oakland artists are encouraged to respond to this call for entries.

Oak Woodland

A 120-foot-wide by 930-foot-long woodland adjacent to Rifle Range Creek, populated with mature oaks, will be preserved during development. The site will be cleared of French broom and other invasive species, and a footpath of decomposed granite will be installed through the length of the woodland parallel with the creek.

Site-specific, three-dimensional environmental art must complement the oak woodland. Artists will work with the landscape architect to safely integrate the installation. While environmental art often has ephemeral implications, this project will require materials that are permanent, durable, weather resistant and low maintenance.

Artist applicants or team of artists must reside in California. Oakland artists are encouraged to respond to this call for entries.

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