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With the development of 918 new homes, Oak Knoll is introducing a new level of high quality building and craftsmanship to the Oakland area. Located at the base of Oakland's southern foothills, the community is designed to be highly walkable, provide abundant open space, feature a variety of home styles and sizes and provide a community meeting place at the planned Village Center.

The Oak Knoll property has striking views of the surrounding foothills and Bay Area vistas creating a unique setting for the community oriented development that will blend history and innovation.

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26 April

Oak Knoll Construction Update

In order to keep our neighbors posted about Oak Knoll’s development activity, we wish to let you know that in the near future a portion of the project’s pre-grading process will begin.  The preliminary grading will be necessary to remove lead-based paint chips and chemicals associated with the decades of use by the U.S. Navy.  Out of an abundance of caution, we will be hauling away this material to an appropriate disposal location rather than attempting to bury it onsite. The disposal will be accomplished by a very limited number of truck trips over a short timeframe.  The potential for this clean-up process was included in the entitlement documents and EIR that was approved by the City of Oakland. We wanted to keep our neighbors informed about the activity that will take place in coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding.


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