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With the development of 918 new homes, Oak Knoll is introducing a new level of high quality building and craftsmanship to the Oakland area. Located at the base of Oakland's southern foothills, the community is designed to be highly walkable, provide abundant open space, feature a variety of home styles and sizes and provide a community meeting place at the planned Village Center.

The Oak Knoll property has striking views of the surrounding foothills and Bay Area vistas creating a unique setting for the community oriented development that will blend history and innovation.

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20 March

Enhanced Security at Oak Knoll

SunCal recently hired Core Security Solutions as the new security company to patrol the Oak Knoll property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since mid-March, Core has been patrolling the site around the clock. Retired Oakland Police Lieutenant Michael Yoell is the managing partner of Core and has pledged his commitment to eliminate trespassing and associated crime that has plagued the site. Core has initiated some immediate changes including the renovation of the security office at the front gate and the addition of a second full-time security officer to patrol the interior and exterior of Club Knoll.

Security patrols also include monitoring the fence lines along Sequoyah Road and Mountain Boulevard. Fencing has been repaired and a significant amount of dense brush and tree overgrowth have been removed in an effort to provide a greater level of visibility and remove hiding places for trespassers and vandals.

New security signs are being installed throughout the property and Core has equipped officers with high-powered spotlights and hand-held radios to help handle trespassers on the property. The security officers are supported on all shifts by a mobile patrol supervisor who monitors the security staff and makes random, unannounced patrol s of the entire Oak Knoll property.

Guard Booth at Oak Knoll (Core)


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