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23 January

Protective Tarps Installed Over Deteriorated Roof Areas on Club Knoll

In response to concerns expressed by the City of Oakland Planning Department and Oakland Heritage Alliance, in November SunCal’s development team began working on measures to protect the Club Knoll roof from further damage as the plans for the new Oak Knoll master-planned community make their way through the entitlement and environmental impact report process with the City. SunCal recently contracted to install two large tarps to block rainwater from the large holes that exist in the rotted and damaged roof of the old building on the Oak Knoll property. The developer is analyzing techniques to save the badly deteriorated structure that once served as an Officers Club at the former Naval Hospital site. In November, SunCal’s team contacted numerous contractors to cover the roof, but none were able to do the job. In early December, a suitable contractor was located and engaged, and the firm ordered specially fabricated tarps that were delivered in January and have since been installed. The Club could be integrated into Oak Knoll and might one day return to service as a new community center.

Old Knoll Club Building


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