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17 September

Club Knoll Move Preparations

Club Knoll, the former Navy Officers Club that was originally a golf club in the 1920s and 1930s, has been undergoing interior cleanup and has also had coverings put in place to protect the building from the elements until it can be moved to its new, more centralized location within the master plan. The Club is badly deteriorated from years of vandalism and neglect after the Navy departed the property in 1996. However, the goal is to preserve and restore it so it can be an important part of the new community.

It is anticipated that a carefully orchestrated effort to cut the Club’s structure into sections and slowly move the pieces to their new location will take place in the spring of 2019. A structural engineer and restoration contractor have been inspecting and analyzing Club Knoll’s construction so that precise cuts can be made to facilitate its disassembly, preparation for relocation, transportation and reassembly. The intention is to integrate the Club into Oak Knoll so that it will one day return to service as a community center, and it will be available for events for residents as well as the general public.


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